Attention Civil Servants! 

Need financial assistance-09-09

Winter is blowing her cold breath on us currently and the days are getting shorter as the season changes. Soon the kids will be back at school and they will need to keep warm so they can concentrate on their studies without worrying about the cold.

That’s when a winter uniform comes in handy. We can help you get the financial assistance to get the winter uniform together. Apply for a loan today!

GET COVERED: School Fees | Building Projects | Medical Expenses | Small Business Ventures & Any Other Emergencies

Get up to $2000 at a special rate of 5%, and get 50% as hard cash up to $500 with the other coming through as bank transfer. You can get your loan within 24hrs with a maximum of 12 months to pay.

Check out our products: Simply log on to our site: or  contact any of our loan officers on 0782706791| 0777558725 | 0712362563


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