Are you weathering unexpected problems?


Running a business includes confronting a series of risks. Some threats to your company could reduce your income or increase your costs. Very often, the way that companies can manage risks determines their success and, in many cases, their longevity. No matter how well you plan, unexpected problems arise from time-to-time. If you have to close because of foul weather, one of your employees wrecks the company car or some other unanticipated problem arises, you could find your business strapped for ready cash.

Without the resources to fix or even wait out some problems, your very profitable and solid business could even fail. When you know you can always draw upon a line of credit or another kind of financing, you can enjoy peace of mind. This is where Moneylenders comes in. You can get a loan in a short space of time because we understand the sensitive nature of emergencies and part of our disbursement is cash!

Visit our offices at Shop #1A Beverly Court, 100 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare where our friendly loan officers can assist you or call Tel: 04 794812/ 794808 


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