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You wouldn’t want to miss on the exciting Hammer and Tongues Money Solutions Star Fm program with KVG and Phatisani. Brace yourselves every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays!

‘’When our hammer falls, the market jumps!’’


Happy Easter!


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and blessed Easter break. 

We hope you find some time amidst the holiday celebration to wind down and relax with your loved ones.

When our hammer falls the market jumps!

The Major Benefits of Getting a Loan from Hammer and Tongues Money Lenders


The main benefits of borrowing money from MoneyLenders is the ability to obtain money quickly and get 50%  of it as hard cash. This money can be used for necessary purchases and investments, including investments in your own education or small business. 

 We’ve got your back covered! Contact us on: 0777558725 / 0771326918 / 0771326921 or visit our website and download a loan form @ 


Do you have unexpected bills to pay?

Moneylenders monetaryMany a times, life throws us a curveball. A loved one ends up in the hospital, the car breaks down in the middle of the month, a thief gets away with items that need replacing sooner rather than later but there is just no money to be had.

It may be the middle of the month when payday is far off but an emergency needs to be attended to. Or friends and family are unable to lend you the money you need. This is when MoneyLenders comes into the picture.

Talk to us, we can process a loan for you within 24 hours and also give you part of the payout in cash.

Don’t  let lack of finances get you down! For more information contact our friendly loan officers: 0777 558 725/ 0771 326 918/ 0771 326 921 or simply visit our site where you can download a loan form.